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CO2DDS -Story of CO2-

Currently there are researches and treatment methods using carbon dioxide gas function.
In Japan, carbon dioxide spring is known medically good for health and skin. This is because carbon dioxide gas dissolved in water can be absorbed through skin and increase oxygen supply to skin tissues. Oxygen supply is controlled by carbon dioxide, which is considered as residue of breathing (metabolism). This subtle but complicated control mechanism is just one example of the many wonderful mysteries of life.

【Carbon Dioxide Application In The World】

Carbon dioxide Spring
In Germany there is a treatment method for hypertension and cardiac infarction called Kurort, in which carbon dioxide plays an important role. In Japan carbon dioxide bath is applied to treat bedsore and skin ulcer. Application for bedsore and skin lesion treatment is increasing. ≫References CO2 Balneotherapy Arterial Occulusion Deseases*:
Physiology and Clinical Practice
Carbon dioxide Room
In Czech carbon dioxode generated from under the ground is stored in a room for varix and infertility treatment.
Carbon dioxideInjection
In Czech carbon dioxide injection is applied for stiff shoulder and muscle sore treatment.