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SCAR WARS -Fighting against Keloid-

I started Keloid study mainly for personal reason. It was about 20 years ago, the second year after I became a society member. I had stomach ulcer surgery and the wound became keloid. My job was new drug development planning then. So I had knowledge about drugs, and I knew some external use medicines, which were approved by the Health Ministry for keloid treatment. I asked my doctor to apply one for my treatment. But the doctor said, "This medicine will make the keloid worse." In addition to that, I was told there was no way but to give up since there was no keloid treatment method and surgery only made the keloid bigger. I was shocked to learn that in spite of advances in medicine, there was no treatment for simple wound. Therefore, I decided to treat the keloid myself and to develop drugs for keloid. My goal is to prevent keloid formation and in the same time to heal wounds with no scars. I built Neochemir to establish this scar-less healing technique.
Although it will take time to deliver ideal technologies and products, I would like to briefly share my studies of keloid for those who are troubled by keloid.

NeoChemir Inc. CEO Tanaka,Masaya