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R&D Infomation

Our R&D center's new technology developmentfocuses on two main categories.

Dermatological diseases related field

≫Looks improvement

There are different kinds of diseases related to skin. In Neochemir our goal is to develop technologies to make illness caused skin conditions "look better or healthier". Moreover, there are large numbers of people who are bothered by skin problems. Our technologies are targeted on special care of these skin conditions. However, we are not "beautifying just from the skin surface" to give temporary look and feeling change. Our technology is based on human skin's self-regeneration ability (used in wound healing technology development) to recover healthy skin conditions. Our goal of "looking better" is to have healthy and naturally beautiful skin.

≫Drug delivery through skin

Drug delivery through skin is a topic many scientists and researchers are trying to tackle. Since skin has a barrier function to prevent foreign substance getting into body, drug absorption through skin is difficult. Generally to make drug absorption possible, skin's barrier function needs to be temporarily broken and therefore caused various side effects. In Neochemir, we are developing totally new technologies for drug delivery system without breaking skin barriers.

Wound healing related field

≫Scar-less healing

Comparing to diseases such as cancer and diabetes, which directly affect human life, research and development for treatment of skin problems such as wounds and burns are well behind. Technologies for "fast healing", "scar-less healing", "painless healing", "complete retuning of wound or injuries etc. to original skin conditions without traces" etc. are very challenging research fields. The goal of our company is to develop "scar-less" healing technologies targeted the fields mentioned above. Regenerative medicine using cultured skin may become the mainstream in research and development of scar-less healing, while in NeoChemir our study is focused on using human body's self regeneration ability to the maximum extent to achieve scar-less healing.

≫Wet healing

The generally known procedure for wound healing is repetition of "disinfecting", "putting on gauze", "letting dry as quickly as possible", "taking off gauze and disinfect again", "putting on gauze again". However, this procedure is not scientifically based, it disturbs wound healing and generates scars easily. For correct wound treatment or "healing wound under moist environment (wet healing)", please refer to "New wound healing homepage ". In NeoChemir we develop easy-to-use wound healing materials for wet healing.


R&D Infomation
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